Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something for hardcore DD fans..

Hello Friends,

M back.. This time not with some update of NMIMS, but something I found on the net.. 
Out of curiosity I was searching something related to age old advertisements of DoorDarshan.. 
Guess what, I indeed found something.. 

this is a new site.. They have promised to update it everyday.. I hope they do so.. Don't forget to check this out.. :)
This might bring out some age old memories some of you may share with the oldest TV channel.. 


Friday, January 15, 2010

Grahan ka Andhakar......

Sounds like a B-grade movie, right????Series of events written by our favorite script writer (Tejasvi) on a dull boring day, but with the help of 4 of her friends (including me).. This is how it goes:

9.00 am: No class, but still the presence of 3 idiots (Tejasvi, Ashish and Anil).. surprised, but thukraye hue log.. 

9.25 am: Cafe Kino. Place decided to spend some time.. But thrown out.. 

9.43 am: Crepe Station. no beer + bakwaas food with some bakwaas talks + Cappucinno, 3/4 th in saucer..

10.37 am: PVR, no movie show available for "Sherlock holmes".. That time we were informed: " No ISM class, stay back at home, news came in late".. Funny considering mumbaikars would have left 1 hr early.. :) So the 3 idiots decided to stay back.. 
Meanwhile Anil thinks watermelon juice is sauce in the glass with straw.. 

10.39 am: Shopper's Stop. did not allow inside.

10.30: I checked on net.. No movies nearby.. 
Meanwhile the scene in CCD (where the 3 idiots decided to move after shopper's fiasco): no AC working, spoke to another Anil in Goa, he is 2 beer down while the Anil in CCD is still hunting for beer.. The 3 idiots shifted their sitting place, thinking AC will start working, but no use.. Coupled with that some wrong order..
CCD: Khidki kholne ki koshish.. But in vain.. 
Ordered menu: After one coffee, Lychee thanda, Tropical iceberg, brownie.. 

Meanwhile the topic of discussion was something around horses and mushrooms.. Some debate about whether it was horse or unicorn.. 
So some discussion started about who has horn on face.. 
Anil: Birds.. :D :D (everybody else laughing)
Ashish: birds ko bleak rehta hai.. :P
Anil: Still thinking..!!!!!!
Everybody decide to write a book on this.. but instead i write a blog.. :P :)

Meanwhile we are still missing from the scene.. And they decided to play story telling game.. Some contents from that: "girl and boy locked in a room.. (no wild imaginations here).. Boy finds a key.. Boy is a ***.. (censored).. "

11.40 am: The 2 musketeers enter (me and Mihir).. Some chit chat after that.. 

12.10 pm: we started playing consequence game.. Some mind blowing stories started to flow in the process.. (while reading the final script :) )

12.30 pm onwards: All bored.. started talking crap.. sab apni dukh bari daastan sunane lage.. :) Meanwhile some comment from mihir about FRIENDS series.. But he slipped his tongue and said Pheoba instead of Pheobe.. Some laughter after that..
Meanwhile in CCD anil still thinking of No beer.. Poor chap.. :)

1.15 pm: Time to leave.. Ordered the bill.. Anil submitted his debit card.. Poor chap his day becomes worse, debit card found not working.. Borrowed 100 bucks from me.. :)
No money, No beer.. Anil is exhausted.. 

Hope you guys like this conversation.. I'm sure we will.. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Great Escape..

Place: Bhaidas Hall
Time: 12 noon
Date: Jan 13, 2010

Well you must be wondering was there any fire in Bhaidas hall.. Nahi baba.. Today was 7th University day of NMIMS University.. What a great achievement considering the campus and the space around.. You must have seen its advertisement in today's TOI..

The guest of honor was the youngest CEO and MD of Hindustan Unilever, Mr. Nitin Paranjpe.. The event was organized in Bhaidas hall, The well known jewel of SVKM mandal and very famous in Mumbai.. The hall is enormous, huge, gigantic and fit 1000 people.. 

I wont talk about the event, you all know how boring these events are.. As part of MBA school we were expected to be present out there.. There were thing lined for the day with the inaugural session and 3 panel discussions.. but you know we can't wait that long.. So after the inaugural session we decided to re-register and skip the rest of the day and go home.. 

But the student council was prepared for that and they had deployed guards at the gate for not allowing any1 to leave.. Smart but not smart enough.. 
There is always a backdoor exit available in such a huge place.. We just had to exploit that.. :)

And voila we found one just next to gents washroom.. 3 people were already standing out there but with fear of how to escape in front of the faculty.. But some1 had to go to find out what happens and so I and my friend were the first at that time.. It was a smooth exit and we were happy when we reached the end of the main road.. 

Uske baad kya, this has to spread like a wild fire.. After all we are students.. ;) Just a phone call was enough for the inside community.. :)

It was like John Sturges film of escape of Allied prisoners of war (we students) from a German POW (Bhaidas hall).. 

Tomorrow is again the continuation of what started today.. I hope we find a escape route out there also.. :) Till then cia soon.. Take Care.. :)

Fantabulous New Year..

Well it was a rocking new year for me.. Actually the end of 2009 and start of 2010 was awesome.. 3 days ago had decided to go to lonavala (the favorite destination of Mumbaikars).. Friend had informed that the climate was awesome out there.. :) Phir kya sirf saman baandne ke deri thi.. By luggage I mean winter wear.. :)

So after some negotiations with my friends (who had office on 31st and 1st Jan) we set out on an exciting trip to lonavala.. On the way we picked Sam (as usual an IT worm slogging for deadlines even on 31st :) )

Phir kya, we anticipated some traffic at the lonavala entry point, but to our surprise there was none.. something strange during that time of the year.. we waited for our friend near kumar resort and then straight away went for Tiger Point.. We could lots of camp fires and people enjoying out there and even planning to stay out there the entire night.. That was at 8 pm.. It was not that cold but hello it was still evening time.. :)

We waited for 1.5 to  hrs with garma garam bhajiya.. :) Then off to friends cottage (its rented), which is just half a km away from the Aamby valley.. He works in one of the many Aamby valley projects as a supervisor.. 
After we reached home we were starving for food.. Then after some refreshments we headed straight away for the restaurant.. The food was good, It was a small restaurant but instant menu.. :) thats when the clock struck 12 and the day that we all wait for had just started.. Thats when I get busy with my phone.. :) Duh its my birthday.. ;) 

Raat ko phir at 1 AM, we decided to ho to Aamby valley main gate.. There was a royal party inside but we couldn't go as the security was very strict (matlab ki we had passes, which my friend had arranged for all of us).. But the decoration was worth watching.. after some photo shoto, time tha ki ham room mein jake baithe.. Camp fire jalaya and phir mast mein thande climate ka maja utha rahe the.. :) And we were all eagerly waiting for our Aamby valley trip in the morning.. :)

But itni jaldi kaise sote, aur mujhe frineds sone bhi nahi de rahe the.. Not the one on the room but the ones who were calling.. :) So we started playing "UNO".. it was 3.30 am and we decided to sleep.. But one of them had already slept and his kharratte were not letting us sleep and so we enjoyed some jokes on those kharratte.. :) Finally 4-4.30 ko sab so gaye.. 

Morning got up at 7 am (u heard it right, 7 am).. I know how is that possible.. But it happened.. But we took actually 4 more hours to get out of our beds.. :) 12 noon we left his house on the exciting 3 hour journey to Aamby Valley.. Why was this exciting is because of the scenic beauty the place possesses among 4 mountains.. All this is evident from the below mentioned links..

I think pictures say a 1000 words.. So I wont describe my experience and waste your time.. Just flip through the album and you will know.. :)
Let me know how you like that place.. Its worth visiting that place, of course for free or if your are rich you can shell out 4500 bucks for a visit.. :)

Time for me to stop this ramayan.. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.. Hope you guys have a rocking year ahead.. :) 

And KEEP READING.. :) Chao.. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 26 - 24 hours of non-stop entertainment..

Nothing happened in the history on this date, it was very special day for me.. To tell what was special, i will have to tell you the itinerary..
I all started the previous day when we (those who went for 3 idiots) decided to go to Dahanu and then for a midnight buffet.. The set out time was decided to be 10.30..

Too excited i got up at 9 am.. as usual I was ready very early because i hate getting late.. But then apne Sid bhaisab late ho gaye.. then he was caught up in some urgent work.. So the start up time delayed to 12 pm.. :)
But after reaching malad east (my pick up point) I got a call that others were still in khar.. So I and Karan met up at kandivali CCD and decided to do time pass.. But then I realized that they had gone home again to pick up Sid's sister (not complaining, but the fund doubled because of her)..

Finally 3 hours later we all met up at kandivali and started our journey to dahanu.. But bhagwan ko kuch aur hi manzoor tha.. We were stuck in a heavy traffic at Dahisar which took around 2 hours to clear.. Finally we took a halt at Kamat's hotel (some 50 kms left for Dahanu).. Neha wont forget the schezwan Pav Bhaji out there.. :)

Finally at 5.15 we reached Mahalaxmi temple.. We prayed and spent some moment out there.. Then we set out for the dahanu beach (still 25 kms from the temple but in the village).. I actually went with them only hearing that we are going to dahanu, not knowing the exact location.. By the time we reached dahaun beach it was 6.40 pm.. it was dark as expected.. Spent about 45 minutes out there and then we started our return journey..

Return journey was exciting with some games by Rishi.. We reached kandivali by 10.30.. It was late for me to go home and come back so decided to go to Sid's house directly.. Karan got down and brought his car later along with 3 clothes for me to change (that was so kind of him).. Saroj and Rumi (Rishi's brother) joined us for the midnight buffet and we left Sid's place at around 12.15 am..

The venue decided was "Le Meridien".. Its on the airport road.. 5-star hotel and its default that the ambiance is ought be the world class... But we had gone there for food and specially deserts..
For non-veg the special dishes were Chicken 65, Chicken biryani, some dish in beef and starters in all possible variety.. Not to mention the free beer with the menu.. :) I also ordered a Dry Martini, tried it for the first time.. Was worth the 600 bucks (plus taxes).. There were 15 different varieties of desserts.. everything was just awesome and mouth watering.. :)

Then was the time to play cards at sid's place.. It was 4.15 am by the time we reached there.. Played cards till 7 am and then was the time to say alvida..

So it was 24 hours of non-stop fun, entertainment, joy, no sleep and yet exciting.. Not even for one moment i felt sleepy.. Thats the benefit when you are with your friends.. :)

Cia soon with some new adventure.. :)
31st is coming soon.. so buckle up.. :)